How To Switch To Another Product On Kaspersky?

No system can prevent the attack of virus and online threats until a good antivirus is installed on the system. This antivirus is very effective to remove system viruses. It controls each and every software in the system, so that no program can make any harm. It also protects from rootkits which is a very difficult task to perform by any other antivirus.


If you want to move to another product of Kaspersky with a new activation code, then follow the given steps:

  • Turn on your system and connect to the internet.
  • Confirm that the computer date is set correctly. If needed, set it and also set the time.
  • Double-click the icon of Kaspersky to open the program.
  • In the main application window, select License and then navigate to Enter activation code option.
  • Now, type the activation code. Make sure it contains numbers and Latin letters only.
  • Select Activate button and then click Continue.
  • Verify the switch to a different application by selecting Continue button.
  • Next, you have to wait for the new application to install and then select Finish button.
  • Go through the new features of the application and save the activation code in a secure place. Connect My Kaspersky to the software and once it is done, information about the program license will show in the Licenses section of My Kaspersky.

    This way, a user can switch to another product of Kaspersky using activation code. Every system needs protection against viruses and online threats and this antivirus proves to be very effective in such cases. It’s easy to install and use and protect the device from phishing and malware websites. So, stay safe and protected with this program.

If you find any error while following above steps or to clear your doubts, make a call on contact Kaspersky Customer Support Number 1-844-888-3870 to get the possible results. We are third-party service provider for users, who use this antivirus program. Customers are taken care by our executives and provided with suitable solutions. To learn more about this software or to solve any sort of issue, contact us as soon as possible. Our engineers are highly skilled with latest technology and tools and hence eliminate all errors within a short span of time. 


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Kaspersky protects the device against malware, adware, riskware and ransomware. It can be downloaded in computer, laptop, tablet and in android phone also. If you download its app in an android phone it will not take more than 1percent of mobile battery. It is best antivirus program for home use. It offers many of its products which are helpful in providing more safety to the computers. The significant feature of this antivirus program is to analyze Rootkits which is very difficult task for any other antivirus software.

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Kaspersky Internet Security Tools are designed in such a way that has enhanced the computer operations such as browser configuration, clearing activity logs and retrieve your system after an infection.


How to make browser settings?


Kaspersky’s Browser Configuration Wizard verifies the settings of the Internet Explorer for the security reasons. It keeps a check whether the latest browser updates are installed or not. It also scans the settings of browser for upcoming threats that attackers can use to infect your device.


For running the Browser Configuration Wizard:


1. Click on More tools option from the main screen of Kaspersky Internet Security 2017.

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It is important for you to set up eMule while running the Kaspersky internet security software and eMule file sharing software together so that the port which eMule uses is allowed through Kaspersky. If you are not able to do this, your eMule communications will be blocked by Kaspersky. This action requires that you should configure the Kaspersky software and eMule together.

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