How to block the unwanted activity of internet with Kaspersky product for Mac?

You can see unwanted and disturbing elements in every stage of life that interrupt your life. The computer is invented by humans so it also acquires the behavior of human who generally interrupts others. But if we talk about the electronic world, you usually perform countless work on the internet and there are many hackers try to enroll in your personal dealing and steal your confidential reports. When you will click on this pop-up then you will be redirected to the new window which contains phishing, malware, and other malfunctioning.

Kaspersky is the Russian multinational company which fixes its 4th rank at the global level. There are 400 million customers who have already subscribed this product. It gives its latest version of protection time after time which is the most attractive features to the public.

If you want to restrict the unwanted activities of the internet with the help of Kaspersky product then you need to pass through either way, first, you can chase the given steps or you can take help from Kaspersky support Canada.

How to enable or disable undesirable attack blocker?

  • In the main window of Kaspersky Internet security product.
  • Click on “Preferences” in the menu.
  • Under that window, open the “Protection” tab.
  • In that window, check for “Enable network attack blocker”.
  • Click on the empty tab to open it.

How to add a computer to the exception list? Follow the above practice and go to same option “Protection”.

  • Under this window, click on “Exclusions” which is in “Network Attack Blocker” section.
  • Under that exclusion click on plus sign and enter the IP here or you can also find the IP address of blocked address.
  • And at last, click on “save” for saving it.

The above steps are one best procedure to acquire desirable destination. If you get enrolled by any of the given methods then you can contact Kaspersky support Canada for any help. The team will completely listen to your problem and give you the best solution for it by applying its technical approach. You can contact them whenever you want.

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